We are passionate about sustainable passive house design, creating comfortable and healthy homes for our clients while reducing a negative impact on the environment. 

All our homes are designed for the future, by building high preforming homes that reduced energy consumption for heating and cooling, in turn; reducing our reliance on grid power, carbon emissions, creating a clean healthier environment. 

Our project includes:

Solar Passive Design or Passive House? 

What is Passive Solar Design?

‘Passive Solar Design’…….  ‘Solar Design’ ……..‘Solar Passive Design’ are all used interchangeably for the design approach and construction techniques which utilizes the local climate to reduce energy consumption while maintaining thermal comfort.

Passive design considers and utlises building features such as orientation, thermal mass, insulation and glazing location.  Working together to take advantage of natural sources of heating and cooling.

Essentially designing a home to respond to its environment, taking advantages of sun path for winter solar gains (Passive Heating) and prevailing wind for summer cross ventilation cooling (Passive Cooling). Working with the local climate to reduce your energy consumption.

What is Passive House or the German term; Passiv Haus?

The Passive House Institute was founded in 1996 and played crucial role in developing the Passive House concept.  The only internationally recognized, performance – based energy standard in construction.

‘Passive House’ is a design standard developed in Germany that aims to achieve high levels of thermal comfort and energy efficiency.

The 5 principles of Passive House Design:

  1. Airtightness.
  2. Thermal Insulation.
  3. Heat Recovery Insulation.
  4. High Performance Windows.
  5. Thermal Bridge Free Construction.  

Passive House projects should be designed by a Certified Passive House Designers to ensure a successful path to Passive House Certification.  Each project must meet the strict passive House certification criteria and certified by an independent accredited Certifier. 

Our director Seamus is registered with the Passive House Insitute: 

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Custom Home Design architect PerthSeamus Ryan Architects

Residential Architecture

We work closely with our clients to create a custom Architectural Brief, fine tuning their requirements for current & future needs. Developing creative and elegant design responses.

Designing personalised custom contemporary homes that reflect & enhance our clients lifestyles.

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interiors Home Design

We design Architecture, Interiors & Landscape architecture collectively. Without this process there is an endless list of missed opportunities.

We create interiors that are inviting, functional & comfortable. Our interiors are unified with repetition of Materials, Textures & Architectural Detailing.

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sustainable home design 

Our approach is to build for the future, utilizing the latest sustainable materials & design techniques. Creating energy efficient homes which are sustainable, cost effective & preforms throughout our seasons. Ensuring healthy comfortable homes, which contribute to reducing our carbon footprint.

Our projects include; Passive House Design & 9.5 Star Homes.

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