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Seamus Ryan Architects is a design-focused, award-winning residential architectural firm in Perth. Working on custom bespoke residential and multi residential projects.

A registered Architectural Practice creating custom family homes, tailored to our clients brief and their lifestyle.  We create Architecture, Interiors and Landscape Architecture collectively, forming cohesive enjoyable comfortable spaces.

Our Design Process.

A projects success hinges on several factors. We work through a considered process with our clients to ensure a successful outcome. 

1.1: Design Development Stage

  • Approach: Detailed Analysis of our Client’s requirements, their Site and Local planning policies.  
  • Planning: Brief, Project path and Budget Planning.
  • Creative Process: The creative process looks at a number of Design Responses and Construction Techniques.
  • Review and Refine: Designs are reviewed and refined to ensure we meet our clients’ requirements and utilizes their site to its full potential. 

The Design Development Stage is without a doubt the most important stages of any construction project. In particular the Planning and Creative Process, taking the time to execute these stages will form the spaces you choose to live in for coming years, and for some, the rest of their life. 

Taking time to complete the Design Development Stage processes above will also allow for less complications throughout the later stages:

  • 1.2: Planning and Approvals: Negotiate the chosen concept through Development Approval (review local planning policy and seek variations to the planning code to ensure the best possible outcome for our clients). 
  • 2.1: Construction Drawings: Creating a detailed construction drawing package will allow the design intent to evolve, detailing all aspects of the design and spaces throughout the project and its site.  A comprehensive construction package will allow the builder to focus on the building of the project and not assuming the design intent. Thus, allowing for a quality finish. 
  • 2.2: Cabinet and Interior Design:  Create a custom design for each room, tailored to our clients brief and use. In turn marrying the interior design with the Architecture and Landscape Architecture.  Our interior packages include full schedule of finishes, tiling, stone benchtops, feature stone and lighting schemes (both task lighting and mood lighting).
  • 2.3: Tender & Appoint Building Contract: Architects negotiate a fair building contract between “Owner” and “Builder” as an independent project member.  
  • 3.1: Site Consultation, Inspections, Contract Administration:   We work closely with our clients and builders to ensure we collaborate weekly to see our design intent through the construction process. 

By forming close relationships with the site supervisor, trades, and specialist craftsmen, we create a collective team with a mission to execute sustainable bespoke projects, which live up to our company statement of: “Our passion is blending sustainable design with contemporary architecture”.

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Custom Home Design architect PerthSeamus Ryan Architects

Residential Architecture

We work closely with our clients to create a custom Architectural Brief, fine tuning their requirements for current & future needs. Developing creative and elegant design responses.

Designing personalised custom contemporary homes that reflect & enhance our clients’ lifestyles.

Flibder Street Residentail Custom Home Design Perth Architect

interiors Design

We design Architecture, Interiors & Landscape architecture collectively. Without this process there is an endless list of missed opportunities.

We create interiors that are inviting, functional & comfortable. Our interiors are unified with repetition of Materials, Textures & Architectural Detailing.

Passive Home Design Architect Perth

sustainable home design 

Our approach is to build for the future, utilizing the latest sustainable materials & design techniques. Creating energy efficient homes which are sustainable, cost effective & preforms throughout our seasons. Ensuring healthy comfortable homes, which contribute to reducing our carbon footprint.

Our projects include Passive House Design & 9.5 Star Homes.

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Project Planner & Architectural Brief Template


Architectural Brief Template & Project Planner