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The world of contemporary architecture is not always regarded as a colourful one, yet its texture, form, and sheer presence more than make up for vibrant splashes of pigment.

Case in point, Concrete House in City Beach. Constructed entirely of off-form concrete, it blends sustainable design techniques with austere lines and monochrome tones. Its linear form and long planar geometries reflect the home’s panoramic views of the Indian Ocean.

“We drew inspiration from the owner’s brief and a shared interest in concrete and pushing its boundaries,” says its architect Seamus Ryan.

For Carley Jane, concrete was the only option for their family home. “My husband wanted a concrete house, and in the process, I fell in love with it too,” she says. “The internal walls, floors and external fascias are in concrete as well as a stunning curved wall at the front of the house. The team kept asking me if I wanted it all rendered, but I didn’t – I wanted that strong, raw, brutalist look.”

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Concrete can be formed, sculpted, cut, textured, patterned, and expressed in various forms. “It’s an incredible material, but it’s risky,” Seamus says. “Once you pour, it’s poured, so you need a great team behind you to get the preparation and formwork right. It’s incredibly labour intensive, and many variables can go wrong.”

The biggest challenge, however, was the size of the sheer, split-level block. “We had to work on all adjoining levels and carry them through to seven adjoining neighbours,” he says. “It was an incredible engineering process to make it happen as well as carry it into the architecture.”

Passive house principles in its construction have created high-performance thermal walls, floors, and roof. Along with triple glazed European windows, the home enjoys year-round thermal performance and comfort.

“The house manages its temperature itself,” Carley says. “In winter, there are no air drafts or need for underfloor heating. In summer, a weather station up top automatically opens the top windows to the west. We enjoy constant temperatures making it an incredibly liveable home.”

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The family’s private quarters are above and boast breathtaking views and thoughtful detailing, like white concrete imprinted with wood texture. Against its concrete backdrop, upholstery introduces key colour notes such as blush, mustard, blue and tan.  

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